The Workshop

Join Patrick Beach online for a full Weekend Workshop!

We are so happy to host Patrick Beach online so you can practice with him in online. Get ready for fluid vinyasa sequences, building strength, and learning new techniques to go upside down. We love Patrick not only for his teaching but also for the genuine kindness he brings into his classes. The weekend consists of two days, each day consists of two classes: one live class and one pre-recorded class. You will receive the recordings of all the classes after the event so you can join live, or take the classes at a time that suits you.

Schedule & Set UP

Live & Pre-recorded Classes

Saturday 10 October | Live Class 1: 18:00 - 20:00 hrs (Amsterdam time)

Inversions Strength and Transitions:

To feel comfortable going upside down you need to find consistency in your practice but it can be hard to know where you should focus your time. In this workshop, we will explore diligently crafted techniques to help you find paths for growth and how to find much-needed fun in the tough stuff. Learning inversions can be a simultaneously rewarding and challenging journey, but with an open mind, a little trust, and passion for the practice we can get there together!

Satuday 10 October | Pre-recorded Class 1

Awakening Yoga - The Solar Vinyasa Practice (2 hours)

Together we will explore the full Awakening Yoga Solar Practice. This intuitive flowing practice asks for your full attention through both challenging movement and complete stillness. Shifting within the balance of organic freedom and structure as go beyond our we explore new ways to create harmony in the yoga practice.

This full class experience will move you through a variety of different deeply integrated postures with grace, breath, and purpose. Experience inner stillness with the aide of expansive pranayama throughout and a short meditation to conclude this unified practice.

Sunday 11 October | Live Class 2: 18:00 - 20:00 hrs )Amsterdam time)

Happy Healthy Hip Mobility :

Our yoga practices often have a skewed ideology and over-emphasis on extreme hip opening. With so many of the quintessential asana centering around extreme ranges of motion and physical contortion, it can be confusing and discouraging if your body doesn’t look like the pictures. In this workshop, we will to learn how to explore the world of hip mobility with a clearer understanding and awareness of the relationship between active and passive ranges of motion. This workshop will dive into a deeper understanding of physical anatomy as well as the metaphorical meaning behind the poses we practice.

Sunday 11 October | Pre-recorded Class 2

Master Class

Join Patrick for a well-rounded yoga practice moving through asana, pranayama, and meditation that will work to create a true connection between body and mind. Explore the moment as we center the mind, move the body, and dig into the rhythm of your breath. This class is suitable for experienced practitioners as a great way to open up the body, embrace new opportunities and challenges while still providing plenty of time to stay grounded in your comfort zone.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1: Saturday

    • Pre-Recorded Class 1: Awakening Yoga - The Solar Vinyasa Practice (2 hours)

    • Recording Live Class 1: Inversions Strength and Transitions

  • 2

    Day 2: Sunday

    • Pre-Recorded Class 2: Master Class

    • Recording Live Class 2: Happy, Healthy, Hip Mobility


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Patrick Beach

Patrick Beach teaches Awakening Yoga, a vigorous and fluid vinyasa yoga practice that builds strength, creates flexibility, and inspires play. Patrick’s teaching goes beyond intelligent alignment; moving any willing student to an introspective, holistic experience.

Patrick is based in Seattle, Washington owns Commune Yoga Studio and travels the world leading classes, workshops, and teacher training programs. Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers by Greatist & Sonima Live, his strong presence has allowed him to share yoga internationally via his work with global brands Alo Yoga, H&M, and as Global Yoga Ambassador to Virgin Active. Patrick stays connected with students through social media and prominent features in The London Times, Cosmopolitan UK, People Magazine, and other publications.